Doctors not taking me seriously after 2 losses.

I recently moved states and therefore had to switch OBs.

I had my first appt with my new OB today. I took the time to bring over all my history and explain it as well.

I told her I’m a 24 year old whose had 2 consecutive losses and no live children. My first loss was at 5 weeks and second at 6 weeks. I explained that in both pregnancies I had spotting throughout and absolutely TERRRIFIED of spotting/bleeding in my next pregnancy.

Her team said protocol is 3 miscarriages to run tests which absolutely sucks. This is my 7th OB by the way and NONE will run extra tests until 3 because I’m “young and healthy” from everything else they’ve seen.

I guess what I’m wondering is... if we try again, would chances be at least OK that we could carry a healthy pregnancy? Or are we doomed?

She told me that chances are great that we would carry on to have a healthy, “spotting free”, pregnancy but I’m seriously having my doubts. She has given me 100mg of progesterone to take from BFP to 12 weeks and is offering an u/s at 8 wks, but thats it.

I’m feeling absolutely down on our luck.... is it really possible to have “bad luck twice” like shes saying and go on to carry perfectly healthy?!