May lose an ovary

Anyone lost an ovary due to cysts? I have a cyst that they found during my pregnancy ultrasounds. I had an emergency C Section and during the surgery they offered to remove the cyst. But they told me I may end up losing my ovary. Here I am in the middle of delivering my first baby and they bring that to the table. So i told them to leave it. I couldn't even focus on what they were saying let alone make a decision. So I'm 11 weeks PP now and had another ultrasound to see if it had changed. It has. They aren't worried about cancer or anything but are thinking it needs to be removed. The cyst that is. But there is still the chance of losing that ovary. I have to make another appt with gynecology to talk it over. Just wondering if anyone has been in this position and what your outcome was. I'm a little scared. I'd like to have another baby and it wasn't exactly easy conceiving this first one.