Strange pain

Jill • FTM to our one and only Neal.

So I'm only about 10 days PP, but today I woke up and went to start pumping and had terrible shooting pain low in my abdomen on the left side. At first I thought it was coming from my c section incision site, but as it continued intermittently throughout the day, I don't think that's where it is. Its sort of near my inner hip/groin kind of ovary area and I feel the pain in the top of my leg. Could this be from uterine cramping? It seems most intense when I pump, but it has been happening all day and it's tear inducing pain.

Heating pad seems to help, but the OB nurse didn't have any other advice, just said to take it easy today and stay in bed. Luckily hubby is on leave to help with the baby, but this is all so frustrating!