Disappointed in job


I landed my first out of home job in four years three weeks ago. (It is extremely hard to find work here.) My goal was to make money for home improvements, savings, ect. I like my job, the hours are horrible getting ready to have to go in here at 11 and work until 4am about the time Hubby is getting up to go to work. So, very little family time. But I have absolutely no bosses looking over my shoulder in fact if I have a issue I have no one to call. OK, all that said I was told over the phone by my boss (who called for the first time since I started to see how things were going) and to tell me my replacement will be here after next week. Agh!! I was never told this was going to be a temp job. So, now looking again and feeling so worthless because all jobs I’ve applied for I get rejected s I don’t have the proper requirements. The only requirement is a high school education and I have three college degrees. (But then this is the same answer I’ve gotten for the last four years trying to get work.) Just need to get things off my chest and no one to talk to. Thanks for listening.