Does anyone else here use Kratom?

I take Kratom very rarely because of the fact that it makes me feel really off. It will take my pain away or at least dull it down to the point my pain is bearable but.. I don’t know if anyone can relate to this either maybe I’m just weird but it makes me feel like I took a hydrocodone. If I’m ever prescribed that I have to take it at a really low dose because it makes me feel like crap. It makes me hot and nauseated.. Kratom does that to me but not as bad.

Nobody I know can relate to me on this and act like I’m crazy. The employees at the store I get it from even looked at me side ways. It’s like nobody wants to say anything negative about Kratom and granted, it sincerely helps with pain but it also makes me feel gross so I will only take it if I’m literally suffering and nothing else works.please someone say I’m not the only one.