Opinions please?!


Does anyone else see a faint line here?! Or am I making myself see things?!

UPDATE: tested again last night and first thing this morning with a first response test..... I do believe that the blue gave me an evaporation line or something. I will give it about a week and try testing again. Hoping for the best. The first picture shows the test in the order that I took them (11-27 @ 5:30pm - 11-27 @ 10:50pm - 11-28 @ 6:30am). I always try not to be so sad over negative pregnancy tests because I just always expect them to be negative (we’ve been ttc for almost 2 years now) but when my husband and I both seen that vfl on the blue test, he immediately started talking about how we could do Christmas announcements to our family. He was so excited last night and my heart is breaking right now 😭