Oral sex

Hey guys,

So there’s this guy I have been seeing for about 6 months now. And he told me he wants more head. Which is fine. We have really good communication which is something i really appreciate from him. My only issue is that if he expects that from me more often, then he should be going down on me..? I feel like he gets a lot out of our sexual relationship and ya girl hasn’t gotten to the finish point ever (and we’ve had sex consistently for about 4-5 months now). So its hard for me to find motivation when I know I’m not “benefiting” in a sense. I’ve wanted to ask him to do that bc he’s mentioned wanting to but he never has w me and I don’t want to pressure him. I know I should just ask but I don’t want him to feel like he has to do it. I just think that if hes asking for oral sex (which I have given a good amount to him) he should reciprocate.

So yeah any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated :)