I'm frustrated as a mom

Let me start off by saying that I love my baby. I love being a mom to my little boy.

I am so frustrated though. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband works 8-5. The problem is that my baby WAY prefers me over my husband. He wants me when he's tired, hungry, needs a new diaper etc and when my husband tries to do anything for him, my baby gets upset. My baby is fine for his dad to hold him if all his needs are met and he is happy, but if he isn't he just wants mom.

This is getting so tiring because I feel like my whole life has changed and my husband just isn't helping and his life hasn't changed at all. Since my baby won't let him do anything, he is still playing video games at night while I am putting my baby to sleep (also my baby can only sleep if I hold him and will not sleep in a crib, which means at 8 pm -his bed time- I'm in bed with him and my night is done). He still sleeps in and goes to bed whenever he wants.

When we go out to eat with family or friends I'm the one who has to walk away from the table and not be able to eat if my LO gets upset or if he needs to eat (he is formula fed) or have a new diaper, while my husband continues to just chit chat with friends and family and have fun.

I feel so isolated and like I have no support or help. No it's not my husbands fault my baby prefers me, but I've mentioned to him that he needs to spend more time with him and he claims he does, but as soon as my baby gets upset he is so quick to hand him back and says things like "why would you just want him to be upset with me and cry?"

I'm so exhausted. LO is currently having 4 month slee regression waking every hour AND we are out of town visiting family. I'm having to get up with him every hour while my husband just continues to sleep. I'm currently holding him because he is restless and can't sleep while my husband is out with family playing games and having fun.

I'm so just incredibly frustrated and exhausted.

Rant over. Thanks for reading if you made it that far.