A night in pt 3

I kissed the tip of the head, which had a tiny drop of precum. He moaned softly when I cupped his balls in my hand. I licked the underside of his shaft and swirled my tongue around the head. I took the head in my mouth and ran my hands along his 6 inch shaft.

Unh, Carmen, he groaned, gripping the sheets.

I continued teasing him for a minute, never quite taking him all in my mouth. I crawled up on top of him and began grinding my soaked pussy on his dick. He reached out for my boobs and I let him. He unhooked my bra and felt my breasts. I started gasping when my clit made contact with his dick. I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

Does this mean I get to touch now, he asked.

Yeah, it’s your turn, I gasped.

He rolled me off of him and onto my back. He kissed me down to my breasts, when he began pulling on my nipples. I moaned and tousled his curly hair. He kissed down my stomach, and ran his fingers over my right side, where he knew I was sensitive. My breath caught in my chest and before I knew it, my panties were off and his tongue was on my lips.

He licked his way up my slit and explored until he reached my clit.

Zach, I gasped.

He sucked my fluids up and swirled his tongue around my clit, driving me crazy. I gripped his hair when he licked two fingers and put them inside me. He curled his fingers back towards him, and finger fucked me slow and deliberate. I pushed his head away from my clit but he grabbed my hips and brought me to the edge. I moaned his name through gritted teeth. Then he slowed down, and brought me back down a little. He crawled up to kiss me, and I tasted my myself on his lips.

Are you ready, he whispered.