15 weeks and A LOT to be thankful for

Sky • May 20, 2020 💕

Rewind to when I was 12 weeks pregnant - we opted into the additional genetic testing to check on the health of our baby - expecting to get some peace of mind.

At 14 weeks when they compared my 12w blood work with my most recent ultrasound, we were told that the results came back as 1 in 61 & high risk for Down syndrome. I was shocked & admittedly very upset about it. The doctor hugged me and said the system is outdated and about 10-15% of women receive false positive results with this first screening & they were probably making me crazy for no reason. I am 25 and these are results common for someone in their early 40s for reference.

Immediately, I was given an appointment the next day with a geneticist and received the harmony prenatal test (which determines >99% accuracy whether or your baby has DS & also tells you the gender as a little bonus)

Today, at 15 weeks exactly, I was given the test results that our baby is totally healthy with a <1% out of 10,000 risk of DS and we will be having a baby girl!!!!

I feel like I can finally start enjoying my pregnancy and not worrying/stressing so much!

May 20th can’t come any sooner! So excited to meet you baby girl!!!💕🎀