Am I wrong?

I had a conversation with my coworkers but need opinions from other people as well. To start off, I am 21 years old and a Junior about to be Senior in college with 8 classes left to graduate. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 and a half years. For Valentine’s Day, he jokingly said what my reaction would be to a proposal and I said I wouldn’t like that. A few weeks ago, he mentioned the proposal again and kids, which I am not thinking about right now so I said I don’t want to get engaged nor have children. I WANT TO FINISH COLLEGE AND HAVE A CAREER BEFOREHAND. Anyways, my coworkers think I am being “mean” to him because I have rejected his idea of getting married and one even had the audacity to say I didn’t love my boyfriend. I obviously do love him, but is it wrong that I don’t know if I want a future with him? I am waaaaaaaay too young and occupied with life that the last thing I want is marriage and children when I have never been super into the idea in the first place. Ever since I was younger and asked about, my answer would be “I don’t want children and probably not a husband”. I wouldn’t mind living together and doing things with one another but marriage and a wedding seem like something I don’t want.

Sorry for the long post but it really bothered me that one of them thinks we are just wasting our time since I don’t have that on my mind yet.