New guy, what's happened ?

I've been seeing a guy for the last 5 or so months. It hasn't been that long but we are enjoying ourselves and he treats me very well. He has mutual friends with my ex (baby daddy) and my ex knows that we are friends on FB and I like my guys pics (due to stalking🤦), he has brought this guy up and many jealous arguments as well, but doesn't know I'm seeing him. So my ex made sure to bring up in conversation that he was with my guy on the weekend and that he was kissing another girl. That was fine since we are only 'talking', so I asked my guy if it was true and he said it wasn't and reminded me that we did say we wouldn't get with other people. As the convo went on I told him that if he was out and seeing other people then I'd keep my options open as well, he saw it as me wanting him to say he was with someone else just so I can go see others. I reassured him that wasn't the case and that I don't plan to nor want to see others and he told me he missed me, couldn't wait to see me and that he's sorry for having the conversation and being in the position to let my ex talk shit, we ended the convo with our goodnights, he then messaged me the next morning to say good morning, wished me a good day and now I haven't heard from him since yesterday morning, although since he didn't reply to my last text I haven't tried to reach out again, maybe it's my pride or I'm scared he doesn't want to see me anymore due to the conversation we had about others. Just need someone else's point of view considering I don't want to msg him again as he is ignoring me for a reason 😪 . Thanks guys xx