Dont open if easily disgusted


So i am 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant and i wanted to know if this was normal or if anyone ever had it. I wont lie this is scarying me thinking i can lose my baby and i dont want to be overthinking on thanksgiving i have a appointment on monday cause yesterday i went in the hospital thinking that it was blood my husband tells me its just discharged and i want to be okay and feel like hes right so i just want to know what people think cause the hospital told me it can be a miscarriage or a threatened miscarriage and they didnt even give my doctor the ultrasound picture to where they told me i had a hemorrging or something like that

Update:: i went in to the hospital today because it turned red and i had a miscarriage. But i know my baby is okay and no longer in pain and i rather have a miscarriage now then have my baby givin to me dead i love my baby and this loss will not be forgotten but for my 2 year old i will be strong... thanks to everyone who gave me positive support