i think he tore something... please help!

Phillistina • 21 y/o. Rutgers University ‘20.

so... my boyfriend and i were having sex today, i was on top, he slipped out and thrusted with a lot of force that he missed completely and ended up pretty much, stabbing is what it felt like, my lil coochie. it hurt so much that we had to stop and as soon as we did, i stayed still for a few seconds and then put my hand down to see if i could touch at all. it was like a throbbing sensation and i kind of wanted to asses the damage. as soon as i took a look at my fingers i saw blood. i grabbed some wipes and gently wiped to find A LOT more blood. the bleeding has since then stopped (it’s been about 6 hours) but now when i pee it is an unbearable pain, and when wiping there is some blood. the pain isn’t uti pain, however. it’s something i 100% have never experienced before. we talked about it and he said it might have been a cut from shaving that he reopened, but honestly i feel like he tore something around the lips. we both decided to give my body a few days to heal, and go from there. if the pain and bleeding continues, visit my gyno asap right? whatever it takes to stop the pain :(