I honestly can’t go to anyone about this .. not even family. Not bc I don’t trust them well yeah a little bit of that but i just don’t wanna feel judged.

I’ve been married for 7/8 months now. We’re both in our early 20’s (BTW)

And we have 2 babies . Both under 2. We have our own home n all but lately my husband has been drinking alot . He drinks & ends up drunk/blacking out. Well last night his brother & friend came over and they drank and when they left he fell asleep but woke up and fukn pissed on our room carpet!!!!


Im just soooo fed up w/ this !! The drinking and acting so stupid. He’s a lightweight. Sloppy if u ask me!

I just wanna leave & take my kids w/ me but where tf are the 3 of us going to goooo honestly. I wanna leave by myself but obviously I’m not gonna leave my babies behind w: someone who can’t even take care of themselves, especially when being drunk!

And this is the same female who posted about last weekend . Him almost dropping the baby while passing em to me... (DRUNK)

What wouod u do .

talking about it to him when he’s completely sober hasn’t done anything so that’s crossed off the do list! I wanna tell his mom and my mom what to do but i just don’t wanna feel judged .. it’s making me feel unattractive. I just wanna distant myself from him now bc of the drinking but a part of me loves him bc of how he is when he’s SOBER. Like don’t get me wrong , he’s an amzing/ loving/loyal ass dad & husband . His family & friends know it too but this damn drinking has gone too far.