My 7 week old is doing relatively well with sleeping at night. She has 2-3 good nights and then a bad night. Tonight was a good night: fell asleep at 9, up from 1-:145, and then up at 5:45 (my husband is currently feeding her but she will probably go back down soon). However, I’m experiencing terrible insomnia after I get up to feed her. I was awake until about 3am tonight after she went down at 1:45 and I’m wide awake now even though my husband is in the living room with her. My brain just goes a mile a minute when I get back to bed. It’s making things ten times worse because I never get a good night’s sleep, even when the baby does. Anyone have any advice? I’m tempted to try melatonin after I feed her, but I don’t want to be falling asleep while feeding her if she wakes up again. 😴