Pregnant and so overwhelmed 😔

As if Christmas isn’t a stressful enough time.

I am 24+4 weeks pregnant, we are getting married in 9 weeks, I have to find a new venue because my mother-in-law is being really difficult and trying to dictate the terms of our wedding, I currently have bronchitis, I am in the process of buying my auntys house which used to belong to my grandparents before they passed away, I am hosting a Christmas party (at work) for my clients and their families on Sunday, my house is a complete mess because we’ve just had our carpets cleaned and we have furniture everywhere.

I am exhausted and so freaking fragile at the moment. I cried so many times this week because of things my MIL has said and done. I cried yesterday at work because of an incident that I have dealt with hundreds of times before. I just couldn’t cope. I cried today in the carpark of the grocery store because I feel so overwhelmed by everything.

I just feel like I can’t enjoy my pregnancy or my engagement because I have too many balls in the air. I would call the wedding off (not because I don’t want to marry my wonderful partner, just because I’m stressed out) but I would loose thousands of dollars in non-refundable deposits.

This just sucks so much.