Rough time post c-section

Ashley • Mama to the most beautiful boy in the world 11/25/19 #boymom

So I had my baby boy 3 days ago and ever since nothing has gone as planned. I had to be induced due to low fluid, labored for 40 hours, and ended up having a c-section because my body just wasn't progressing. After surgery my blood pressure got dangerously low but they were able to stabilize with medicine. Even though I never wanted a c-section it was less traumatic then labor and my baby boy was healthy. I just got home from the hospital and I'm having a really hard time emotionally and physically. I'm in a lot of pain which prevents me from doing a lot which means I have to rely on my husband. I'm struggling with the pain management aspect and I just keep trying to do too much around the house. I also was adamant that I would breastfeed. But I've hated nursing and pumping. I'm in so much pain already and the added stress and pain from breastfeeding is making me really blue. I'm just so paranoid that I'm not going to have enough milk and he'll go hungry. I've been thinking about just pumping and bottle feeding. But even the pumping right now is a lot. My nipples hurt so much and pumping has become excruciating. Ultimately I just need a break. I've been thinking about supplementing with formula for a bit to give myself a rest. I'll still pump, just not every 3 hours all day. But now I feel like I'm not doing what's best for my baby. Ultimately I'm coming to the conclusion that as long as my sweet boy is fed I don't care how. But I feel bad and like people keep pushing nursing on me. Including a nurse at the hospital. I know it's what I wanted before but I'm so overwhelmed and I'm struggling. My husband is on board and really just wants me to be happy. I just need some advice. What does everyone think?