Labor soon?!


So i had my weekly midwife appointment today and i mentioned how bub had to quiet the last couple days, not as active as usual and i was having abdominal cramps which i could also feel in my back. So she sent me to get monitored and it was all good and fine so they got an ultrasound and everything again came up fine but they still want me to get an official ultrasound before my next appointment. Anyway after todays bedside ultrasound, just as i was about to get up i got another one of those cramps so i told the doctor and she had a feel. She didnt look worried and she said well i wouldnt be surprised if you were back here in a couple days 😱 (i am 36w4ds today)

Those cramps have been happening for a couple days along with bubs lessened movement and then last night i wiped i got a tiny bit of what i think was part of my mucus plug but it was only a tiny bit 🤔

With these cramps and whatnot, should i really expect labor so soon? 😱😍 i mean i am terrified but excited of course, im a ftm.