I didn’t think it would happen so fast!

Kimberly • ❤️❤️❤️

So normally I never involve myself in things like this, but why not share my story? I was on mirena for just a little over 5 years after having my daughter in 2014. After being with her biological father that abused me horribly for 6 years, I ended up finding my wonderful husband whom I just married in July of this year. I am a little bit older than he is, but he has no children and I didn’t plan on having any but hey, that’s my husband why not? I found out in September that my mirena shifted but didn’t embed. I got it removed pretty easily on September 6th. The next day or so I bled on and off I couldn’t really tell if it was just the aftermath of removal, or was it my period. (It wouldn’t come that fast would it?) So I downloaded this app. Turns out it was my period because my next couple periods lined up! And they were back like clock work! Each time I got my period he was disappointed and I kept telling him it may take a while for it to happen. Most women take up to a year after mirena removal. Me having anxiety even while trying to encourage him I’m thinking crazy thoughts. I was supposed to start my period on the 25th and started having cramps sensations like normal but hadn’t started yet. Idk what told me to buy a pregnancy test but I did and I went home on break and took it with this big bold line appearing immediately. I know this is long but I didn’t think it would be so soon! We are so overjoyed! And I feel wonderful to give him his first biological baby....he’s wonderful to my 5 year old daughter. Baby dust everyone! ❤️ it will happen for you!