Are these blood sugar crashes or something more serious?


I’m 19+2 weeks.

I had glucose testing a month ago, came back fine. Earlier this year A1C was tested twice and very good.

Since I’ve been pregnant, it’s hard to eat/drink regularly and take all my pills but I think I average “decent”.

I have now had 4 episodes where I get very pale, very sweaty/clammy, rapid breathing, tingly/numb arms. Half of them I’m in the car when it happens, other I’m in the couch. Half were at night, half in the morning. Each time I had had a snack before but no meal.

I lay down for a minute, get shaky, and it passes within a minute or so especially if I have water or suck on candy. I might have a headache after. During its VERY scary as I can’t breathe and I feel like my body wants to really shake hard. If I focus my breathing I get through it. I’m worried that they’ve happened this frequently.

I’m seeing doctor tomorrow, but just wondered what it sounded like to you guys?