No question just funny story


SO not sure where to put this in the community but the other day my boyfriend and I bought pregnancy tests. It’s not uncommon, we test once a month bc I don’t have a period (IUD) so that’s really the only way we can know. The cashier rang us up and was like “well good luck” and laughed “...if it’s a good thing” and I’m like bug eyed and awkward laughed like why would you say that 😂😂 PS it wouldn’t be a good thing lol but we are very careful, just very paranoid. Then she continued on to say she was going to be a grandma and my boyfriend was like “congrats is that a good thing” she said “well.....he’s 21 and she’s 15, but her parents approved so 🤷🏼‍♀️” I was like ohp this is why we don’t say things like that at the register 😂😂