Blood and confusion🧐


So it’s probably taken me a few months to try speaking to someone about this and I told the dr he didn’t seem interested... (I’ll just get into it)

So I am 17 yrs old, I have had sex and had many periods... (i was 16 at the time) on the 18th August 2018 I missed my period for a whole 5 weeks and I was being sick every morning 7am exact I panicked thinking I was pregnant then I remembered I had sex 4 weeks before so I thought I was pregnant so I bought a test did it, it came back positive so I bought another as I couldn’t believe it and again positive so I got a dr appointment I got bloods done and did the test he handed it said positive but my bloods didn’t have any harmons in it or something so he made an appointment for me with the nurse in 10 days time as he told me if I was the harmons could be processed by then and she would give me advice on what to do... so I went back after ten days of waiting, the nurse took my bloods and said I wasn’t pregnant so I accept that and left her office then I was sick in the hall in my DRs, the nurse seen me and sat me down asked if I was ok while she cleaned up the sick I said ye as I was and she gave ame a cup with water in it and spoke to me for a few minutes I turned white so she took me to her office (room) got a dr to come see me. The dr checked me over and said I was fine and she was happy for me to go home.

A couple weeks passed and I worried more and more as I didn’t get my periods, I wasn’t spotting or nothing, so I called up the dr for a appointment to try putting my kind as ease and see what was going on.. I explained to him and he advised me to take the pill to try to regularlate my periods to a regular pace. So I did I took it for two months..... I then finally got my period so I wasn’t confused or frustrated I was glad 😂 but the only thing was I had them for 4 weeks so I was like oh it’s just because I never had them before and it’s just regularing because of the I shook it off!

(middle November 2018) I went up for a check up at the DR he asked me if imhad my periods and if the pill had helped make my periods regulate, I told him about how I was leading for 4 weeks he said it was normal so i just thought it was normal...

Just after Christmas I got with my ex partner, we had sex a lot but I still stuck to taking my pill.

New Years came and we were drinking to celebrate 2019 we had sex but I forgot i didn’t take my pill, I didn’t get my periods at all in December or January so I was so scared I was pregnant! So I waitied 2 weeks (I bought a test 10 days before my birthday/17 I bought the test-27 my bday) so I waited for the line(s) to show so I seen the dark lime then another one appear I was so gutted I didn’t want to be pregnant and I felt bad because it was threw drinking I had sex and I was just scared to put it that way I guess! I bought 5 tests just to make sure it was right before going to the dr AGAIN with being pregnant or non pregnant and wasting their time, all came back positive so I went back to the dr and told him so I went threw the bloods and another test again and he told me I was pregnant... I was shocked!i just thought it would be the same as last time and move on with it but nope 😔 thought wrong!

The dr adviced me in 1 week to go to scan so I did... that week me and my boyfriend broke up too!

I built myself up for the whole time just waiting for the day to come and I just accepted if I was pregnant then I was.... One week later I went for my scan, scan lady congratulated me and started the scan....she asked me questions and then we wrapped up she said she would see me in a few weeks (10 week scan) I went home and did the toilet and noticed I wiped myself and there was blood so I kept looking every time I went to the

toilet if there was clots or anything that came out of me...

A few weeks later (day of 10 week scan)... I went to get another scan and everything looked ok as the scan man said while not being 100% certain while giving me a look... he keftthe room and the lady who did my first scan did it for me instead she was really talking to me a lot asking me my stress levels and if I told the father (my ex / which I didn’t ) I told her the truth that I had been slightly stressed but not bad and no I hadn’t and she said ‘hunni I think you should and ye don’t stress out’ that words haunted me for days... I went home and told my mum and dad the news showed them my scan and they said congratulations and cried! We all went out that night for dinner! And that night I called my ex up and said to him I was pregnant..

The next day was SOOO BAD, I left to go to work and I got a call from my mum saying my dad had died she told me he died in bed with her😔 I was crying so baddddd I went home and hugged my mum tight! It was so emotional! 😞

3 days later after my dad died I started bleeding again and I see a clot (size of a penny) I panicked and shouted my mum she said we can go to the hospital right away! I went to the hospital I took the clot in the toilet roll I had and showed them... they took it away and did a scan in me... they told me that clot was my baby and they were very sorry😭😭😭 all I did for 20 minutes was cry my mum did too! They told me I lost it because the stress I was possibly under with the loss of my dad! I started bleeding that night too!

4 days later we had my dads funeral....

For 3 weeks I bled for, them I stopped and 2 days later I got my period...

I bled for 4 months and I went to the dr told him, For another 2 months I got tests, bloods, scans and put on to more and less pills ( I have it’s too so I was reduced and then out back up) they then told me they knew what was wrong!!!!! I was so glad... but the words they said to me wasn’t the ones I wanted to hear! The dr told me that I have 3 eggs and I have half a womb, it would be rare if I could proceed a healthy full pregnancy.... so he never said I can’t have kids but he told me it would be hard to try to have that’s all he told me, I just sat there quite...

I went home and cried so long the next day my eyes hurt🤕

It’s been 3 months since this happened ( going on to 7/8 months for my dad passing ) I’m still in pain knowing this but I’m still on the pill, nothing regular lates my periods I bled for 9 weeks just past it’s been so hard but I have been able to accept all the bad that’s happened in my past (being pregnant and losing her/him and my dad)... I hope for kids in the future!

Please let me know if anyone has been threw this or something similar?!

God bless all souls xox 🤞♥️