How do you control this

So I’m married. With two kids and very happy in my relationship. Sex is awesome husband is fine af. Been with my man for 15 years faithfully for both us.

Well about a year ago the neighbor started cutting the grass at our house. He was always nice easy to talk to nothing out of line with his demeanor.

Well early one morning before stopping my kids to school he was in his garage. He had just woke up his hair with bed head still. Still in his thin shorts and tank top he wears to bed I presume.

I had to pay him so I stopped unannounced and ran out my car to bring him the money. He was sitting in his chair in his garage and he stood to greet me and he still had morning wood.

It’s been a year and I can’t get the image out my head.

He is very blessed I can say his girlfriend is very blessed too lol.

My husband is very blessed too so there’s me who is more than blessed too.

He (neighbor) never has been inappropriate nor I. So there’s nothing awkward that’s been said or done. And I’m sure he felt it but felt he had to be polite. I just can’t get the damn image out my head. How do I?? I never told my husband and we no longer live down the street from him but he still is my husbands friend. (Not mine.) so every damn time I hear his name I think of his.... eggplant.

It’s been a year!!! A freaking year!!! And I still dream about naughty dreams with him. How do I make it stop???? Like I will wake up feeling like I crushed my husbands soul!


I love my husband. I love sex with my husband. Our sex is phenomenal! I nor he would ever cheat we love our relationship.

How do I make those fantasy dreams stop???

And no I’m not telling my husband I saw his friends dick hard. It’s not something I’m saying to him cause it’s not somewhere I should have been looking (although those shorts were really thin I couldn’t help to see the bulge) but I’m not cause it will only crush my man and open up a can of unnecessary worms.