Gender/ Naming Struggles

Raina • ~ Raina Marciano ~ God lover ~ Catholic Wife ~ Catholic Mother ~

We had an ultrasound done through a private company, and baby was extremely active at 16 weeks and 3 days. What we captured though, point towards expecting a girl. I’m not unhappy with a girl, but I’m struggling because I have 0 names I’m confident with for a female. With my other 2, I knew what they were going to be and names were already set by the time we confirmed the genders. I had the same feelings this baby was a boy, and have the name Isaiah already set, but for the life of me could not determine a girls name at all. So now, I’m struggling more so, as I’m unsatisfied with any name but Isaiah

(Isa for a nickname if she remains a girl). We have our anatomy scan set for 22 weeks, so will hopefully verify gender then, but I hate how hard this is. I’m so thankful for having a baby on the way after 2 miscarriages, I just that the name is such a struggle. 😔