Sometimes my Boyfriend acts Selfish


The majority of the time, I cook for us. I’d say I cook for me and him 98% of the time. My boyfriend will cook steak every now and then (maybe once a month or less than that).

Even if I am sick, I still manage to cook! But what offends me, is that if he is cooking it’s usually for JUST himself, usually for breakfast. I have been sick this week and still found the energy to cook meals without him even offering any help to me. I know 100% that he should not have to know how to read my mind. But I’m talking about common sense and a sense of respect.

If your significant other cooks or prepares meals for you, would you feel the urge to do the same for them? Or would you just continue to take care of yourself and not think of them? Would they have to sit you down and literally tell you something like, “Hey look, please realize I do this for you because I’d appreciate the same treatment”?

I don’t know, if I do look at the big picture he equally has ways of showing me he cares, just not through the kitchen lol. That is why I try not to make a big deal over this situation...but sometimes it arises into a big deal in my own mind.