uncomfortable thanksgiving

i just wanted to know if you guys think i’m in the wrong, or if you think you’d feel the same.

so basically i’ve always had thanksgiving at my grandparents. it used to always just be close family, which i liked. it would be my grandparents, me, my mom, and my 2 aunts. which may be small but it was great.

now my thanksgiving with my grandparents has gotten to 15 people, most of the closer family isn’t close w them like that. it’s my aunts boyfriend (who none of us mind) and his parents AND his grandparents. and now the boyfriend is bringing along his friends. first i’d like to start with his family invited themselves in thanksgiving in 2017, we didn’t know they’d just start coming every year. and now his friends? like this isn’t your thanksgiving that you’re hosting. it’s just uncomfortable. his family is very loud and very obnoxious. his mom is also racist and everyone there is white except i’m half black. one year she told me “i’m an exception because you can’t see my blackness” and another year she called my stepfather fat. i don’t know why my grandparents still let them come every year. they have a whole family they could have thanksgiving with themselves.

am i overreacting? or is this reasonable?