Thanksgiving with in-laws

Anyone else feel kinda weird whipping out the boob to breastfeed in front of FIL? He's never done anything to make me feel uncomfortable, and his wife breastfed all three of their kids for a year. But I still feel kinda self-conscious with him even though I have zero concerns with breastfeeding in front of strangers in public.

I don't want to have to leave the room or the table whenever my girl needs to eat, but if he realizes she needs to eat he usually excuses himself to give me "privacy". I think he's just trying to be sensitive and not judgemental, but I'm left feeling like I should be the one to leave.

Husband has suggested I just go into the next room so I'm not too far away. I breastfeed into front of MIL/SILs all the time and they don't care. Just not sure how to handle it.