Why is he doing this?!

I've recently started to text my this man, we know eachother through mutual friends. At first he would message me a lot, asking loads of questions. This lead to him telling me one night that we should meet for a coffee, he then asked when are you free I told him a few days that I had off and he said 'we will sort something out' which left me hanging. We talk every other day. Some of our conversations go really well and others he seems disinterested. The other night he went out with friends and was snapchatting me and talking with me whilst out. He even phoned early hours in the morning, we don't live near each other so it wasn't a booty call. He left a funny voice message which is an inside joke we have. But now he's distant again. It's so frustrating for me. I like him but don't feel this is getting anywhere.. When he sees a that I've put up a new picture on social media he responds instantly by getting in touch with me!! I feel like he's playing games