Body pain (details below)


I feel kind of silly asking this. I had never had surgery before, and am a FTM and had a C-section seven weeks ago. My body absolutely is killing me. Not my incision or abdomen or anything like that, but literally my entire body. It hurts to stand up, to sit down, to pick up the baby, to set him down, to squat down, to stand on my tiptoes, to lift anything, to take a shower...absolutely everything hurts. If I sit for more than a couple of minutes, standing up has me nearly yelling out loud. An ache almost like I have the worst flu I’ve ever had, but I’m not sick. I’ve had mono, pneumonia, etc and nothing has ever felt like this.

Is this normal from surgery? From pregnancy? Not normal? I have been just dealing with it, but the pain keeps getting worse and I’m just starting to get a little worried that it’s not normal.

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