Brittany • ☀️ PCOS 💍 4.8.16 🎀 Addalyn Grace June 9, 2019

i’m going to keep myself anonymous, but if you ladies believe in prayer, please pray for my little family. i’m so lost rn on what to do. i’m crying my eyes out when it should be a family day. my husband packed his stuff and left his wedding ring here on my night stand after an argument earlier. i left to cool off and came back to him packing his bags. this is not how i pictured my daughters first thanksgiving, i just don’t know anymore. please just pray for my family. i’d appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

update: i decided to not be anonymous by so much love i received. i wasn’t sure how this post would be reacted towards; so i wanted to be left anonymous, plus people can be quick to judge. me and my husband had talked tonight, i called his aunt and talked to her (she’s a preachers wife) and she gave me encouragement and told my my husband was at her house for thanksgiving and he had bawled his eyes out due to us fighting, which isn’t normal for him to cry at all. maybe this fight has brought us closer together, maybe we both realize what’s standing right in front of us. thank you all for the prayers, comments, thoughts, or even kind words. i cried reading your sweet comments. thank you all. ❤️