I need to cry

Sorry I’m a little emotional right now I’m on my period and I just got some bad news on top of that. My husband works seven days in a row sometimes six and they told him on Monday that he was going to have four days off for the holidays today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We were excited made plans since it’s his birthday tomorrow we were going to celebrate on Saturday so that tomorrow he can celebrate it with his family. He comes home this morning from work and he tells me that they told him he has to work this Sunday I was like no biggie we were just going to rest that day we had no plans. About an hour ago his uncle who is his boss texted him saying that it was mandatory for him to come work on Saturday now and that he had messed up the schedule and he felt bad. Now I’m upset we had plans that day and now because of his boss making a mistake he has to suffer along with his whole team who probably had plans too. If he worked in a hospital helping people or something I’d understand but he cleans machines for a POPCORN factory I can’t believe popcorn is more important than family. Idk this is just my opinion and my husband is pretty bummed out right now too I just can’t believe they did this it was the companies fault yet they make the workers suffer.

(Again Im sorry for the rant I hope I didn’t trigger anyone)