Needed to share


It’s going to be a story because I need to get it off my chest:

Last year I miscarried 8 days after finding out I was pregnant and 5 days before Christmas. This is my husbands second loss and my first. He held it together well, meanwhile I just shut off. Not long after his sister decided to start a fight over something very small and end the conversation with “at least I’ll be able to keep my baby alive”. We haven’t talked to her since, but my husband has been touchy with the whole trying to conceive since.

My husband is in the military and was home for 15 days and then went back out for an unknown amount of time. So I didn’t think this was a possibility. I’ve been sick(cold symptoms) for two weeks, and had an upset stomach since Monday, and now my period is a day late which has NEVER happened. PLUS: It’s been 2-3 days early every month since the miscarriage. Tuesday there was a bit of pink on the tissue, today there was a bit of pink on the tissue, so I decided to take two tests.

I honestly expected both to be negative...I was very unprepared for two positive tests.

So my main question is: are false positives a thing? I’m planning on calling my doctor tomorrow and scheduling a blood test, but I need some input please.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!