Still a chance of pregnancy ? Late af

So im 10 days late for af. I took a blue dye test on tuesday it was negative. I Took another one yesterday (28th) and a got a faint line.( shouldnt it be darker this late ? ) Decided that blue dyes aren't reliable as alot of people have said they give you false positives so i took a pink dye today and nothing. But it wasn't fmu. I've had cramping last week ( when af was due) but only lasting for a few minutes, and only slight cramping on and off since then.ive had Nausea on and off but today my nipples started getting really sore. That usually happens before af but has only just started happening. Because of the negative test this morning do i count myself out ? And wait for af ? Or do i test again tommorow with fmu ?and see if i get a + ?


This morning not fmu