Has some one experienced something like this?


Hello, so last November my cycle changed drastically, before last November my cycle was around 45 days, I know that’s quite long, but after November it changed from 45 to 80-100 day cycles, that November i started to go to doctors, so we can figure out what’s happening, at first they thought that it’s PCOS, but it turned out it’s not that, they didn’t saw anything in my ovaries that would point to PCOS. It’s been an year from when it changed and i have my periods once every three months, but the last two cycles I have been ovulating ( I don’t really know about the cycles before that) and I know that because my doctor noticed a cyst on a check up, that day was my first period day, she told me to go back about three months later and the day I went back was, again, the first day of my period, but I hadn’t had a period between those ones, she told me that, again i had a cyst but in the other ovary and that the cysts form with my ovulation, but doesn’t affect me, and that means that i am ovulating, this whole year i had only 4 cycles and the doctors don’t really know why, so I wanted to ask if any one of you have experienced this or what this could be, please help with any information you have, oh me and my boo have been trying for a baby from last year November as well and we haven’t had any luck.