Help *long post*


Hey so I just to rant/advice. So basically my mother in law doesn’t like me for whatever reason, she always makes slick comments. So I texted one of my guy friends to go to the park, he replied too late so I went with me and my dog. My husband found out and got mad and it escalated, he was trying to leave and I wouldn’t let him because it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t sexual or anything. So he pulled out a gun, loaded it, and put it to my chest along with taking my phone. So I drove to the police station and made a report and he ended up in jail for 2 days. I acknowledge that I was wrong and apologized but that still doesn’t give him the right to put my life at risk. So his mom didn’t even call me or anything to see if I’m okay, I called her and she was just like you shouldn’t have text anybody which I acknowledged but she never said anything about him. Fast forward, my husband has the whole week and I have to work the whole week, so he left to go home and I thought about going down there Friday night but his mom doesn’t want me to stay at her house. All she was worried about was his job saying I can’t handle the apartment by myself which I can. She’s not worried that her son almost killed someone. Then she had the nerve to tell me that when you get married, you cut your parents off, but she didn’t tell her own son that and every time something happens between us, he runs to her about it. She never gave him any real punishments, she just says it’s wrong and that’s it. When he tried to cheat on me while I was pregnancy and after my miscarriage I ended up in the hospital for a suicide attempt (I found out about the cheating attempts the day after my miscarriage) all she said was “you know you were wrong for that” but said I need to be in the psych ward because I’m bipolar when her son has anger problems. It’s just frustrating.