Swollen post virgin ?

So i'm 22. I lost my virginity last week and we've done it a good 4 times maybe since then. we have rough sex which is causing me to have a swollen throbbing vagina and i need to know if it's normal ?? ive bled 3 out of the 4 times. i tell him all the time to be gentle which he tries to be but he just has a big penis so maybe it'll always be a little swollen idk. he still likes it rough and in the moment i do too but the aftermath isn't worth it to me. We got lube today bc he says it's the condoms drying me out. My vagina still hurts after yesterday. I want to go to the hospital bc i am sexually active now but My mom doesn't know i'm not a virgin anymore and I don't want to tell her (i still live with her.) she told me if i did end up losing my virginity to tell her so we can go to the dr but i want to do it alone but i have no idea who to ask for a gynecologist (i have insurance.) advice on any of this??