so i just want to know your advice... message or comment please...

so me and my bf have been ttc for almost 2 years (22 months) and we haven’t had a single positive. we’ve tried everything... pressed, vitamins, etc. and it’s hard for me bc i know i ovulate for sure bc i’ve had my progesterone checked & i get a positive ovulation test (LH) every single cycle... plus i have a every normal cycle and always has.

My bf ordered a sperm count checker on amazon & it came out normal... but i know & he know sperm count isn’t the only thing that determine male fertility.. so do you think i should have him go to the doctor to check his sperm as a whole? or get my tubes checked ? idk

please help!!! plus its like hard talking to ppl about it bc i’m only 21 & ppl are so Nonchalant about it when ur young