Can anyone relate or help?


I stopped my bc on Oct. 28th and had my normal withdrawal bleed. I was supposed to start yesterday or today, but nothing. For the last week I’ve had low key cramping in my uterus (just the normal feeling I get right before I start). Normally when I feel this I put in a tampon because I know af is about to show up, so the night it was the worst I did that, went to sleep, woke up and nothing.

I’ve also had a lot of discharge, at points my panties were literally wet and I thought I had started, but it wasn’t ovulation it was leukorreah (what I normally get from my period). And I’ve been so emotional I’ve cried almost every day 😂 and have gotten so angry at my husband for almost nothing.

Anyway, I’m not sure what to think. Normally I have all of these symptoms a day or 2 before I start, not a week. I lazily tracked ovulation last month, just to see, i got a few faint lines, never a positive. I also never had the ewcm, so I don’t think I’m pregnant. I also took a digital test yesterday and it was negative.

But at this point I feel like af is never going to show up, and I’m so ready for her to so we can start trying!

Has anyone coming off birth control had the same experience? Any thoughts on what’s happening.