TRIGGER WARNING : sexual assult?

it’s 3am here, i had to walk away from a guy.

backstory : i’ve met a guy through tinder and we’ve been speaking for about a week. everything seemed calm. we decided to plan a date, go ice skating and drink a few after. it didn’t really go that way. he decided to book a hotel and chill there. i explained to him through messages that I didn’t want to have sex and he replied “that’s fine, i respect that.”, so cool. I decided to go. upon arrival everything seemed fine until we got into the hotel room. we both sat on the bed, eat pizza and watch tv along with some chatting. he insisted on having sex. touching me all over the place, beaware i was fully clothed, jeans and a jumper. he was touching me with some sort of force and i keep telling him to stop stop stop. and he wouldn’t. i had enough and decided to leave at 1am. in an area i’m not familiar with. it took me an hour to get home.

was this sexual assault ?