Frequent urination, sore breasts, cramping - ovulating or pregnant? UPDATED!

Hi all.

Soooo husband came home from his deployment, we didn’t check my calendar, and had unprotected sex on one of those 6.4% risk days (and, ya know, he came inside me). My cycle has been pretty regular and the app has been accurate within a day.

So I usually get ovulation cramping but this time I’m peeing (a LOT in volume and frequency- not like UTI peeing) every two hours and my boobs are sore as all get out. It started about 3 days before the app predicted my OD day.

Thoughts? Anyone else get pregnant and have symptoms that early or have similar ovulation symptoms?

It’s too early to test but I’m like over here freaking out. Not bad freaking out but want to know ASAP kind of freaking out so I can either be stupid excited or get my tubes tied 😂

*Before someone goes full blown crazy on me, we’re in a great place financially and our marriage is stupid stable. We were not planning to have another (we have two boys already) but weren’t also completely against it. He said if I got pregnant he’d be excited. So please, no lectures. Thanks all ❤️🙌🏻