Been TTC 4 a year, this month we didnt ❤️

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I still can’t believe it!! We’ve been trying for a year and actually so frustrated last month it caused a argument!! This month we’ve been so busy with work and school and kids(17 & 12) we literally only had sex on my birthday right before we fell asleep at 11 pm. I didn’t even have the 2 week wait this time bc we didn’t try this month. Then to my surprise the day my period was due, I felt great no terrible cramping and popping ibuprofen like crazy ! I was like 🤔 maybe school has stressed me late!! Two more days went by and I woke up at 4:30am to pee and I said let me just confirm I’m still waiting on AF! Welp nope she isn’t coming and I couldn’t even go back to sleep. I told my honey over dinner at our favorite restaurant with a gift bag of baby booties ❤️