Death, postpartum anxiety?


Back story of my life... I have a 2 year old and a 3 week old. Im married, my husband is in the military! I live in a different country to all of my family. My dad has recently been diagnosed with COPD (lung disease I think). My great gran is declining rapidly and my grandparents arent doing too well either. My sister, who has been with her partner for over 10 years, isn't happy. And I HATE THAT I CANT BE THERE. but military life. I'll never be able to move back to my home country.

My mum recently came to visit for 6 weeks over the time my daughter was born and her going home has really hit me hard.

A friend passed away last weekend after thinking she had stomach flu but turned out to be internal bleeding 😭 she had ann8 year old and a toddler. It kills me how suddenly it happened.

Everything is just playing on my mind right nOw 😭😭😭