Thanksgiving, were we in the wrong?

First and foremost, happy Thanksgiving!

My in laws are very... toxic?

My father in law was abusing drugs for awhile, him and my mother in law fight quite often. Nothing my fil says adds up. I'm not sure if it's from years of drug use or if hes actively using.

Anyway, we usually dont go to my in laws for any holidays. But we did today.... for max 10 minutes.

As soon as we walk to the door we heard loud talking. Walk inside and my fil is yelling at my mil about the older man who lives across the street who is also crazy. ( he seems to think that my mil and him are messing around or something) anyway my fil Is flipping out and my mil is just standing there peeling potatos. My husband told my fil to drop it until we were gone. He stays quiet for a bit then says "I'm sorry it's just she pulls this shit right fuckin before you fucking get here" and he starts going off again. We have a 2 year old and a 5 month old. My mil tells him to stop cussing. And he stops for another minute and just starts back up. My husband tells them we are leaving and that this situation is ridiculous. My fil starts screaming more saying he will just leave and that my mil can go fuck herself and was just going OFF. My 2 year old grabs my husband's hand and the look on his face broke my heart he was so scared. My husband told my fil that our son is making memories and he was completely ruining them. I put my 5 month old back in his carseat during this last outburst, grabbed my 2 year old and got out the door as fast as I could with my babies. My fil came out got in his car and sped off. While putting my 2 year old in the car he asked me where his grandpa was and all I could say was he went to the store 😞

My mil called crying asking us to come back to their house. I felt bad for her considering she made a Thanksgiving meal for us. My fil ended up going back and calling my husband saying that he will drop it and that he wanted us to come back.

We went to my aunts where my son played with his cousins and made beautiful memories. I'm so sad for him and my husband.