5 weeks with baby #10


This bloat is real!! The picture on the left is 2 wks b4 I even knew I was pregnant and was showing my sister in another state how much weight I had lost since July 2019.(I was 175 and now am(was) 135. Took the picture on the right showing my stomach while ago(sorry for the horrible pic I was in my closet with a mirror I had hanging up else were). I have a feeling I'm further along then "5 weeks". I have been been feeling small movements for WEEKS but been passing it off as those phantom kicks cause my daughter is 13 months. My periods have been odd since July as well. I feel something isn't right here 😂😂😂. I'm a mama of many(none twins) 8 living with a daughter 2yr in heaven, 2 adult children (22yr & 19yr) out on there own so 6 home 16yr..14yr..7yr..6yr..4yr..13 months. This babe was a huge surprise to hubs and I of 22yrs but definitely welcomed. Is it possible you could be further along and not know all this time?!? You think I'd know the answer but I have never had this happen b4 like this. First ultrasound is December 3rd. Due July 29 2020 by my last cycle.