Sexually frustrated


So let me just say I don’t want criticism and hate I want ideas on what to do advice I’ve tried things from sucking his dick to lingerie to dirty talk and nudes and he stops me when I touch his dick when it gets hard let me also say for my boyfriend if he didn’t want sex that would be fine but I want him to communicate that with me. So when him and I first started seeing each other we had sex like twice a night and that went on first couple days mind you he told me he had a high sex drive like mine. Then it started going downhill every other two days then to every four days and then it started going to 3 weeks and now it’s almost not at all and when he did the last times he would just go straight to sex where as he would kiss my neck touch all over me and second to last time he said he came but no cum came out and then this last time he said he’d have sex with me on one condition that I would promise not to worry if he came and he stopped before he even got close. I’m just so sexually frustrated but I feel like a piece of trash bc I’ve had to beg him which didnt even work. at one point I cried bc I know I shouldn’t have to beg but I just want that intimacy with him I can go through his phone so I Already know he’s not cheating i don’t know what to do I feel like he doesn’t want me bc he keeps just saying he doesn’t want it I’m reading too much into it but I mean... what do I think