S/O body shamed me.

It’s currently 2:30 am and my Significant other and I started arguing at around 12pm. It got to a point where he started body shaming me. What I should mention is I have two eating disorders both diagnosed by doctors. I have Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa. Anyway, he starts telling me that he thinks I’ve lost way too much weight and that I should just “stop having an eating disorder” LIKE ITS THAT EASY. And if I did stop my boobs and ass would come back because I have lost a lot of it. He told me that when his cousin first saw him he told him “bro she lost all her tits and ass what happened?”. Ouch.... he just says how sex would be more fun if I wasn’t so damn bony. Then he starts comparing me to.... get this... HIS FUCKING SISTER. Yup. Saying how she’s curves and everything and wonders how she even did that without doing anything. He says it’s nothing sexual but he just wonders why it couldn’t happen to me too. I thought boyfriends were supposed to make a girlfriend feel like the most beautiful girl in the world but instead I feel embarrassed and so disgusting. When in my eyes I look enormous, even tho people tell me I am not. I used to have people telling me I was over weight and that I need to lose weight because I looked disgusting. Now I have everyone telling me that I look like I’m dying and need to eat more. I can never satisfy anyone with my own body and that’s what sucks. I’m trying to satisfy myself and to gain confidence (NOT SAYING MY EATING DISORDER IS GIVING ME CONFIDENCE IM GOING TO START RECOVERY). But it’s my own body and I’m over here trying to please everyone. In a sick way I worked so fucking hard mentally and physically for the body I have today and now I’m being torn apart by someone who I love. I haven’t been able to stop crying and it hurts so fucking much. What can I do???