no nut november challenge

Boyfriend and I were joking about no nut november like one month ago and I was like"If you make it the whole month I'm gonna do whatever you want on Dec 1st" (we like more kinky stuff so I'm totally fine but I was like pretty sure he would fail😅)

Long story short: he made it. We live together and I see him half errected all the time and being super horny which is proof enough😂

So today I asked him what he would like me to do on Sunday and he was like " I want you to give me a blowjob and to swallow my whole saved up semen"

I usually have no problem with swallowing but normally we have sex like at least every second day and I have no idea how such a long time of abstinence will change his semen. I'm just a bit scared that it will taste super gross. I'm totally fine by doing that for him but please tell me what to expect😅 thx alot!!!

( I'm from Finland. please excuse not so perfect English)