In need of some judgment-free advice


So, in September 2017 my bf and I were on a break and I started hooking up with this guy I met on some app. He seemed nice enough and I actually trusted him (weird because I don’t usually trust any strange men.) He did act kind of strange, like he would block my number before he went to bed and things like that. I mentioned him to a friend of mine who said he knew him and that he was married. When I confronted him about it he said he was recently divorced so I didn’t think anything else of it (naive, I know.) I ended up reconciling my relationship with my bf not long after. Then I found out I was pregnant. I immediately knew it wasn’t my bfs baby. When I told my bf I was pregnant and I want sure who’s it was he took it in stride and said he’d raise the baby like his own. When I told the other guy his basic attitude toward the whole situation was like “yeah...ok...and?” So I decided to let it go. May 2018 I gave birth to a healthy and very handsome little man. A few months later I met my sister I didn’t even know existed. She was 25 years old looking for her dad. When I saw what my dad and newfound sister went through emotionally it really hit me hard. I told my bf how I felt and decided to get back in touch with the guy I was hooking up with. We got back in touch a couple months ago and he told me he is married. He has another son (younger than mine) and his wife is pregnant. They’re planning on moving out of state in a couple months. He said he wants to be there for my son and do whatever he can to help. Now I’m wondering if I did the right thing by getting back in touch with him.