Im pregnant and he’s having another baby!

I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant and I’m having the worst nightmare of my life! In the nightmare i call my partner and he’s not answering i call a few more times and he does. There was some sort of argument about him being distant and he said “12 months from may everything is going to change” so i say a year from may everything’s going to change what does that mean? Are you planning on leaving us (we have a 5 year old) or having another kid or something? The response is what killed me, he chuckles and goes i am having another kid and I’m moving to Cali and i instantly break down crying, i had guest over so i rush out the front door and I’m just like “i asked you if you were ever having another kid would you ever tell me i asked you, why are you doing this to me, why we’ve been together since i was 18 (now 24) and he’s just laughing basically and I’m just screaming crying I’m pregnant why are you doing this and there’s no answer, i said who’s the girl and he’s like it doesn’t matter then i guess i 3way his mom and she heard the whole thing and unmuted herself and started yelling at him asking why he’s doing this and why didn’t he tell anyone and he said i was doing to tell everyone when i was ready and she said who is it who is the girl and he said you don’t know her, she asked again who is the girl, as soon as a response was about to come, i woke up! It feels so real and I’m so upset about it!